Nik Radaev
"I enjoy creating aesthetic, client oriented, and intuitive design works. Being inspired to work on fascinating projects, I master my skills to perfection, obtain modern crafts, and deliver the product that makes a difference."



Committed, passionate and innovative user experience visionary with problem solving skills and strong ability to adapt to business needs. Hands on collaborative product design experience in consumer electronics industry. Client oriented, with engineering knowledge and creative mind delivering aesthetic solutions within strict deadlines. Notable success in strategic work on comprehensive projects leading to market execution. Ability to communicate, send messages through mockups and detailed designs. Undertake for new, listen and finish until perfection.


• 6 years of collaboration experience in IT
• 10+ years expert in graphic design, 3D modeling, and web design
• Degree in Business Marketing
• Designed two that won CES 2012 Innovation Awards in Las Vegas
• Passionate for modern aesthetic simple UI / Material design, wireframes, flowcharts, mock-ups, info graphics, diagrams, buttons, icons, actions and rewards
• Produced UX layouts from sketches to wireframe mock-ups for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Web development
• 2 years of coding coursework and database design experience
• Analyze data and optimize website usability and shopping experience
• Designed ER, physically implemented and improved cloud-based Database system that led to process atomization and increased sales
• Bi-lingual English and Russian, read German
• US Permanent Resident – no Visa sponsorship required

UX & UI design: Dreamweaver, Balsamiq, Sketch, Pensil, Marvel, HTML / CSS, Java Script, WordPress, Visio, Axure, Bootstrap, Fireworks
• Modern aesthetic simple UX & UI
• Wire frames, flowcharts, mock-ups, info graphics and diagrams
• Optimization driven
• Detail-passionate: buttons, icons
• 5 years in application design

Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, Corel Draw, Autodesk (3DMax), After Effects
• 10+ years of graphic design expertise
• Design to perfection, balance, air, color, content, shape, fonts, grammar, syntax
• Web and print expert: pixel and vector, quality standards
• Detail-passionate: buttons, icons
• 3D modeling, video, animation and motion
Programming: Java, C / C# / C++, LC-3 Assembly, RTN, SQL / MySQL, PHP, LINUX / UNIX
• Analytical problem solving
• Object oriented programming
• Algorythms and Data Structures
• Debugging and testing
• Team leader, work in a team

Other: Google Tools, Microsoft Office, open source software, social networks, cloud platforms
• Familiar with PC / Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Apple, and web platforms
• Creative design approach, able to work with concept ideas and develop into products
• Quick-learner able to undertake new skills and applications with minimal disruption
• Follow strategic goals
• Business dedicated

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